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ICS events and conferences act as a platform to share valuable knowledge by bringing expert speakers and delegates together.

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Conferences Testimonials

"I loved this conference and I can’t wait to come to the next one!"

"I felt culturally safe - I am not Aboriginal, but I am not Anglo either. It felt warm, friendly and humble, don’t often get that it in conferences. I met some beautiful people and great networks. Thank you for the opportunity to present."

"Really enjoyed myself listening to everyone's story."

"Fantastic speakers again! Very informative and impactful for me!"

"Food was great, organisers did a great job kept us informed and on time, great venue, lovely to see aboriginal wears on sale, IT was spot on and extremely helpful, helped with each presentation."

"Thank you for this opportunity to connect & learn from Indigenous people who have such similar struggles as the native population of our lands."

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